Lego Kalasnjikov

In 1991, as Croatia declared its independence, the new president, Franjo Tudjman, announces that all Croat children must know about the enemy of Croatia before they even learn to read and write. As a Croat child I was among those directly targeted by this announcement. Although I was not aware of it, I was brought up to think that the enemy is omnipresent. During the war, the sound of sirens would send us kids into the nuclear fallout shelters. The very same ones Tito ordered to be built in case a nuclear war broke out. Again, he didn’t imagine that measures taken to fight the outside enemy were to be used for the one within. I remember the shelter that was under our flat. It felt like the buildings womb where we gestated further. One of my favourite games consisted of re-enacting scenes that took place above us.. We mimed the movement inspired by war films. Our rifles exploded frequently and shattered on the cement ground. We become very skilled at fixing them. By the time war ended ended I sweat to you those lego rifles could shoot real bullets. In game as in life I never actually saw the enemy, nor have I found out if actually existed at all.
Lego blocks

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