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Julien Grossmann

Julien Grossmann

Across my practice, I explore different facets of globalization, addressing certain paradoxes that come along with the entanglement of cultural, technological and economic movements. I look at areas of overlap or frictions between cultural and corporate productions, or where particular cultural dynamics confront normative structures and systems. With a keen interest in music and the use of sound within a range of historical and contemporary contexts where it contributed to shaping social relations, my work consists primarily of sound installations, but encompasses a diversity of medias such as prints, video, audio works and publications, trying to regenerate perspectives and relationships.



Julien Grossmann (b. 1983 in Metz, France, lives in Rotterdam) explores global dynamics with a particular focus on the uses of music across history, drawing from audio archives from early wax cylinders to today’s digital cloud in order to trace global connections and frictions. His work has been exhibited at TENT, Rotterdam; AIAV, Yamaguchi, JP; DordtYart, Dordrecht, NL; 11th Dakar Biennale, Senegal; ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE; MUDAM, Luxembourg; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE; Stella Art Foundation, Moscow. Grossmann studied classical music at the National Music Conservatory of Metz, France, and holds a M.F.A. from the Dutch Art Institute, The Netherlands.