a leap year that started on a friday

In 'a leap year that started on a friday' visual elements are almost completely absent; they are presented within the story line, but not as images. In stark whiteness or emptiness, a woman's voice tells the story. As the words are uttered, the text being spoken appears on a white background. After the sentences have been uttered, the letters fade and disappear. The focus automatically comes to lie on the story and the sound. The soundtrack is extremely austere, here and there adding some emphasis. The absence of visual images is all the more pregnant for the fact that the story revolves around a major news event. An airplane has been shot down; the narrator, with her family, has spent the whole day looking at the reports of the disaster as they are endlessly repeated on TV. Everyone knows these images, we are inundated with them every day – but in this case there is also something very personal about them. The white screen can be read as the narrator's thoughts. Suddenly her nightmare looms up. (text by Nanda Janssen)
2010/ video

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Van elk werk, dat via de Kunstambassade verkocht wordt, schenkt de kunstenaar 20% van het verkoopbedrag aan het Solidariteitsfonds dat wordt verdeeld onder de deelnemende kunstenaars.

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