River's crib for the flood


These cribs are shelters designed to withstand the effects of climate change. With the birth of my daughter River the focus of my research into shelters shifted and my plans to create shelters and structures at specific locations changed and I focused on protecting this new born baby from the influences of future weather circumstances. How to protect a little child from extreme rain, drought and heat? River's crib for the flood: Made from a laser cut stainless steel keel based on a press portrait of Greta Thunberg, a repurposed carbon windsurf mast, a repurposed green-olive import barrel, a woven wicker crib, a sheepskin rug, a kite from my favourite t-shirt (now too old to ware), kite string, carbon rods, seabird feathers, rope and a seashell net. Its dimensions are 105cm by 55cm by 400cm. Most of the material choices related directly to the research. For example birds feathers and seashells I learnt though this research aid in land formation. Something that a baby might need once she has been protected from flooding by floating away atop the olive barrel. The kite a guide to steer the vessel on its journey.
105cm by 55cm by 400cm
mixed media

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