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Paco Dalmau

Paco Dalmau

Evolution series

Paco Dalmau’s pictorial practice explores the interplay of colour and depth perception as a method of producing abstract expressive work. The selection of a chromatic range is the starting point towards this dialogue, where the erosion of the material, the glazes and the blurring of the color, manages to incorporate into each painting a distance between layers and values, which provides a feeling of depth, mysticism and spirituality.
Introspection, motivation, self-awareness and the way of perceiving his relationship with the world are important subjects for Paco Dalmau. With these ingredients, Dalmau makes the exercise to internalize his sensations and emotions in order to carry out this experimentation on the canvases. Dalmau was born and raised in Spain, where the passion and temperament of his culture is evident in his pictorial works. Since 2012 he lives and works in Rotterdam (NL), where the conceptual and methodological influences of the Dutch artistic culture have permeated his artistic practice. This cultural miscegenation defines the current work of the Valencian artist, where passion, method and concept converge in his creative proposal.



Paco Dalmau, 1978, Vila-real (Spanje)

Werkt bij Studio Pompstraat 44C. Rotterdam (Nederland)
Directeur van White Wall Foundation. Rotterdam (Nederland)


2019 - B.A. Arts. UOC. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spanje)
2001-2006 - Sanvicens Fine Arts School of Barcelona (Spanje)
1994-1997 - EASD. School of Art and Design. Castellón (Spanje)

Shows (selectie)

2019 - Galería La Mercería. Valencia (Spanje)
2019 - Mestre Biot, Casa Polo Museum. Vila-real (Spanje)
2018 - White Wall Project. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (NL)
2018 - White Wall Project. Kade 40. Vlaardingen (NL)
2018 - White Wall Project. Theater Koonigshof. Maassluis (NL)
2017 - Winner Waterweg Cultuurprijs 2017. The Netherlands
2016 - Return series. Galerie Hommes. Rotterdam (Nederland)