When walking trough a city I see roadworks and streets broken up, a whole new infrastructure becomes visible. I came across a Testslot. A Testslot or ‘Proefsleuf’ is a small ditch which is being dug for maintenance of underground infrastructure. After making a testslot one can examine the precise number of cables and pipes and their specific route.

I have taken this constructive phenomenon as a starting point for a three months residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) in Oisterwijk in 2018. I began to play with the rather delicate and breakable material which is ceramics to undermine the assumed solidity and reliability of the cables and pipes as a central component of our urban infrastructures. By installing these breakable objects on fragile pedestals or hanging them in space I wished to underscore their autonomous and clumsy appearance as well as their bold colors when not in function.
2018, various dimensions available

categorie: €5000 - €10.000

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