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Stuur een bericht aan
Fatima Barznge

Fatima Barznge

Textile objects can carry traces of past events and faraway places. Whether it is a precious damask tablecloth, a handwoven carpet or an everyday piece of clothing, textiles have the power to evoke memories and bring close those things we can no longer touch, smell or see. One category of textile objects that is purposefully ‘made out of’ memories, is the patchwork quilt. Traditionally, the top layer of a quilt consists of a patchwork of different rectangular pieces of fabric, often scraps of worn-out clothing each carrying its own memories. 
In many ways, Fatima Barznge’s recent body of work reflects the art of patchwork quilting. Its prominent use of squares and the grid-like composition of the wall-ensembles echo the architecture of the quilt, while the individual pieces resemble fabric designs figuring repeat patterns of squares, triangles and other abstract motifs. The images are based on the textile patterns she remembers seeing in her youth in the fabric of her mother’s dress and the carpet at the mosque. Text by Christel Vesters, for the exhibition catalogue Interwoven Histories, sept-oct 2021,  (c) Christel Vesters / PAR &H foundation (2021)



Fatima Barznge (Iraq Kurdistan), she now lives and works in Rotterdam.
Her Practice comprises paintings, works on paper and collages. She uses her memories as a conceptual starting point to reinterpret her cultural background, with which she explores how this relates to her current residence in the Netherlands where she has lived since 1997. After her studies for business administration at Mustanseryia university in Baghdad, she fled to The Netherlands where she graduated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2005. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions among others Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (2022, 2020); Rozenstraat- a rose is a rose is a rose, Amsterdam (2021); Museum De Buitenplaats Eelde ( 2019); OnArte Locarno (2017); TENT platform for contemporary art Rotterdam (2015, 2011); and she exhibits regularly at gallery Sanaa Utrecht ( 2022, 2021, 2020,2019).

De keuze van Fatima Barznge

Petra Laaper

Petra maakt objecten, installaties, foto’s en films.
Het werk van Petra roept bij mij jeugdherinneringen op.
De beelden zijn warm, zacht en dicht bij de huid. Ik vind het heel bijzonder hoe zij onderzoek doet naar verschillende materialen en technieken waarin zij met complexe en ogenschijnlijk eenvoudige vormen beelden laat ontstaan. Achter haar heldere vormen en eigen beeldtaal schuilt veel ambacht, aandacht en oog voor detail.