Stuur een bericht aan Heyer Thurnheer

Stuur een bericht aan
Heyer Thurnheer

Heyer Thurnheer

I am an artist living my life in a semi-nomadic mode alternating mainly between Switzerland where I was born (1953) and the Netherlands where I started my studies at the Rietveld in Amsterdam (1973) and where I am in residence in Rotterdam since 2010.
My visual and my textual artwork is rooted in a fascination for social life science , in other words, for the shaping of future conditions in art and society.
You may already guess that my visual art work goes hand in hand with the thinking, writing and asking questions about the adequacy in guiding (leading) art and everyday life behavior. From all this I generate graphical works, objects, installations, videos and texts. The works are perhaps closer to the thinking than to the crafting.The term used for this direction of art is contextual art. it means an art that contextualizes social evolutionary progress and the renewal of ideas.
Directing my life is the one part of my work. Directing my work in art is the other part. I hope you like it and it sounds familiar. Please enter my studio and look around. ........Would you like a cup of coffee?



Heyer Thurnheer (CH 1953) is a contextual artist, activist and Philosophy of Freedom sociologist with a multimedia art practice. He is a founder and member of numerous collectives for art, education and exhibition‐platforms in Switzerland and the Netherlands. His works and writings are shown regularely in restrained mode in non‐institutional art spaces and public institutions.

De keuze van Heyer Thurnheer

Ralph van Meijgaard

I am pleased to propose Ralph Van Meijgaard as artist to be shown. His graphic images play closely with the drawing, the word and the thought and are charged with an engaged socio-shaping attitude. I like this sensitive attention and participation based attitude in his work a lot.