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Stuur een bericht aan
Theodora Kotsi-Felici

Theodora Kotsi-Felici

Kotsi-Felici makes site-specific installations and prefers to work in public spaces. By doing interventions in public spaces she indirectly questions how democratic these spaces are. Her work is influenced by her commitment to critical reflections and political and social observations. She is fascinated by creating space and conditions - a catalyst for social action to happen - where she invites people to participate and take action. Theodora is inspired by nature and history searching for compelling moments of structural changes, and how society is therefore affected. She collects materials such as flowers, plants en others and transforms them into fragrances. The materials or data are gathered from locations which played an important role in the development of a place. Smell has a strong effect on our memory therefore perfume forms a bridge between past and present. Her perfumes are not what a perfume usually is, a nice exciting scent to make you attractive. She is therefore more than a visual artist, she collects the ingredients for her projects as an investigating sociologist, anthropologist, scientist, curator, historian or even as a grower.



Kotsi-Felici (Rotterdam, 1978) studied cultural Antropology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen(NL) and holds a Bachelor and Master's degree in Fine Art. She is besides visual artist a researcher and a perfumer who collects the ingredients for her perfumes like a sociologist, an anthropologist, an historian or a gardener would do.