Belief and Productivity

ow should we understand “nature” today? Does it still exist somewhere in a form unmodified by human activity, or is this concept of the human and the world as separate entities interacting across an ontological divide an outmoded philosophical construct? In this body of work, I explores some possible aesthetic consequences of a contemporary relationship to nature in which economic, scientific and spiritual perspectives coexist and contra- dict each other.

These sculptures were produced following a long period of research in Sweden, and attempt to collapse the multiple viewpoints with which contemporary society views nature. Through giving the works in the series common- place Swedish first names, such as Bengt, Lars and Nina, each sculpture is attributed with an individual personality and a sense of subjectivity. The works combine materials, processes and images associated with nature as industry as well as cultural heritage, but also as a surface for the production of a range of contemporary desires, such as an active, healthy lifestyle or the pleasure of wearing high-tech, outdoor fashion fabrics in “functional” colour schemes such as camouflage or high-vis.
various dimensions
various materials

meer van Edward Clydesdale Thomson