wild care, tame neglect

wild care, tame neglect is a two year collaboration between Edward Clydesdale Thomson, curator Nils van Beek (TAAK) and the Frankendael Foundation.
During the last two years I have been wilfully reforming my practice within the context of the Frankendael Foundation, around what I considers to be a more sustainable model of art production. From the studio shed I constructed in the garden I created public artistic interventions. These sometimes consist of physical additions or modifications in the form of sculptures in the house and garden, but often also concerned events and other encounters, for which I invited scientists and fellow artists. The public could follow the development of the project over the past two years both on site and on the extensive web archive wildcaretameneglect.nl
Within this project the negotiation of a space in which to work, between myself, the visitors and other activities of the Frankendael, as well as the duration, time and the seasons, became as much the artwork as the physical artworks in the garden.
two year collaboration: various works, events and interventions

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