Stuur een bericht aan Sara Rajaei

Stuur een bericht aan
Sara Rajaei

Sara Rajaei

My oeuvre consists of short films, video installations, and drawings that study the notion of time in all variations and subsets. In my work, I analyze the passage of time on historical incidents, human tragedies, and catastrophes, reflecting, recollecting, questioning, doubting, and reconstructing the incidents, creating tangible, untainted, and highly personal narrations. Today, our perception and observation of the world have become dependent on media headlines that we absorb without enough attention neither affection. Oral history, in this regard, becomes a significant source, presenting not only an actual incident but a story to which one can connect, a narrative often therapeutic, both for the teller and the listener. In my work, I usually avoid geographical references to spare my work and me as an artist from the burden of cliché labels and the expectations attached to those labels. Moreover, the contextless nature of my work helps universalize and humanize the topics I address.



Sara Rajaei is an Iranian/Dutch video artist and filmmaker based in The Netherlands.

In her work, she studies the notion of time by reflecting on the absence of image, memory psychology, oral history, narrative techniques, and physical/psychological space. Her artistic oeuvre consists of short films, video installations (and drawings) which remain in-between storytelling and imagery.

After her graduation from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 2002, Rajaei attended a 2-year residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam.
In 2009, she was awarded Prix de Rome basic prize.

Her work has been exhibited at various art venues and festivals around the world. Notable shows include de Appel arts center, Stroom Den Haag, Rotterdam film festival, Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin Madrid, Art Brussels, Stiftelsen 3.14 Bergen/Norway, Museum of Modern & Contemporary art Rijeka/Croatia, Galerie Nouvelles Images, Tent Rotterdam and many more.

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