Esse Est Percipi #whatever (blueface)

Esse Est Percipi #whatever

Esse est percipi, meaning: to be is to be perceived, refers to a statement by the 18th-century philosopher George Berkeley, who argued that things can only exist through the perception of human beings. In this series, the main-work is a collection of 12 boxes. Each box contains 12 portraits of passed-out-drunk-people. All re-drawn in watercolor and color-pencil. Literally lifting them up from their prone position, spending hours on the minute details, the snapshot that seemed nothing more than a prank, slowly transform in a depiction of a prince or princess. Registered at an unfortunate moment. Vulnerable, innocent, ridiculed and shamed. It might sound weird, but for me, there is an almost unlimited beauty in these images. For me they represent the fact that we are all worthless pieces of dust, in the fast enormity of space and time, no matter who we are. This makes us all, really equals to each other. Not birthplace, not politics, not status, not religion, not race, not wealth. Nothingness! That is what really makes us equal. I love it!
Aquarel en kleurpotlood op papier

€ 850,-

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