antibeeld 100 x 75 cm

Sincerely Not Yours

Sincerely Not Yours 2019-2020

With her latest project Sincerely Not Yours, Dutch artist Hester Scheurwater strikes back (again) –the ironic twist of the famous closing formula functioning as the artist’s response to the critics and comments she had received as a result of her previous work Shooting Back. She now not only took her work on social media but on the streets of her hometown and elsewhere thank""Her latest series of self-portraits shows the photographer’s body from a perspective never seen before. Her oiled body parts squeezed to fit the frame, morbidly hanging on top of the camera lens to appear as formless chunks of flesh, her face dazed and confused. These images present an unlikely mix of references from feeders’ culture to fetish lubrication and grotesque pantomime. They still are way more sensuous than, say, Cindy Sherman’s foray into abject imagery. Scheurwater printed them on postcards and wrote “Sincerely not yours” across the image. She then sent them to anyone who’d like to receive them from Spain to Japan and New Sealand. She seemed to be saying: “This is my body, my life and my art. No matter what others say!” She is claiming agency as an artist and a woman. She shoots back –once again. "
100 x 75 cm
edition of 3 (1 ap)
Hahnemühle fine art print
50 x 40 cm
edition of 3 (1 ap)
Hahnemühle fine art print
30 x 22,5cm
edition of 3
(1 ap) | Hahnemühle fine art print

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