Affective Environments

A seven minute performative architectural installation. Exploring the physicality of mental states through the act of breathing, a two metre high space, (containing the performer), fills with steam upon activation of two kettles. The performer wears a stretch sensor harness connected to the kettles via Arduino and a Relay, taking a live reading of the performer’s breath data. The kettles are only activated once the performer is in a state of deep relaxation. Over time the space fills with steam, influencing the performer’s own breath with a breath of its own, completely obscuring the performer from view. Once the space is entirely filled, the kettles shut off, leaving the steam to condense into thousands of tiny droplets which eventually evaporate. How can we design our environments to help us emotionally? Through the symbiotic relationship between technology, the environment, and the performer’s own psychological state of mind.
2018, 100 cm x 150 cm x 300cm, wood frame, cellophane, kettles, arduino, monitor, speakers.

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