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Alexandra Phillips

Alexandra Phillips

I am attracted to the things we need, that we must have, but once attained become burdensome and so starts the task of getting rid of them. I celebrate this absurdity in my work. To me this distinctly human compulsion is peculiar, but not unnatural. My materials are commonplace, evidence of our production but also evidence of our sentiments. My work investigates meaningful nuances obscured by the quotidian. My practice is a continuous questioning of material value systems. Taking behaviors or object traits and turning them from perceived liabilities to affirmed assets.
At a time when generosity and transparency are things we collectively lack, my work demonstrates a type of generosity. The intention is to coax a slow viewing, to generate the space for a suspended moment where opposing thoughts can be held, without calamity, in one vessel. I am interested in the dissonance that often occurs between what is actual and what is expected. My artwork quietly suggests to loosen the reigns, abandon some preconceptions. Central to my practice is a questioning of various value systems. Taking behaviors or object traits and turning them from perceived liabilities to affirmed assets.



Alexandra Phillips (b.1988 Port Chester NY) is an American artist currently working in Rotterdam. She spent much of her formative years in North Carolina, attending an art-centered high school program at University of North Carolina School of the Arts. She holds a BFA in painting and a BA in Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her work comments upon our fleeting and insatiable existence with a light touch and a witty sense of humor. Tupperware, plastic and foam wrappings, plaster; she does not transform them, but works with the intrinsic characteristics of these materials and by doing so shows us their unforeseen potential and appeal. Phillips attended Penland School of Crafts (2006), received a Van Lier Fellowship (2013), was resident artist at Atelier Mondial in Basel, Switzerland (2016), and attended Jan van Eyck Academie in 2017. In 2020 she received a research and development grant from the CBK of Rotterdam. Her work has been nominated for the Royal Award for Modern Painting 2021. In 2011 Phillips and artist Jan Henderikse (b.1932 Delft NL) founded Magazine, an absurdist design firm that continues to operate in various forms today.