The Big Auditors

The Big Auditors consists of a series of 7 prints presenting artefacts realized solely of letterheads and brochures of auditing firms. Each construction emanates from one of the dominant global players in the financial service industry, which advise and monitor businesses as much as public entities, as they operate within increasingly integrated markets, using slogans such as Cutting though Complexity, or Quality in everything we do. The presented objects, suggesting slow and laborious craftwork, have all been constructed digitally and thus exist only virtually. Their ambiguous status interrogates the relationship between labour, products and value.
7 fine art prints, framed

Managing tomorrow’s people, 64 x 50 cm
Cutting through complexity, 79 x 61 cm
Quality in Everything we do, 68 x 53 cm
Now or Never, 40 x 35 cm
Heroes are made in turbulent times, 138 x 60 cm
Grow further, 51 x 60 cm
Asset management a s it should be, 49 x 38 cm
An instinct for growth, 50 x 34 cm

categorie: €1000 - €5000

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