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Stuur een bericht aan
Kathrin Wolkowicz

Kathrin Wolkowicz

Welcome in this digital version of my studio!

My work spans from performance, installation, objects and books to film and video, and is usually kindled by self-written or adapted texts. It is a proposal of time-based or spatial situations that invite for re-reading one´s relationships with objects and bodies; how we dwell, spend our time and share the space with others.
For some of my recent works I have exchanged the studio for the street to lay out common grounds with inhabitants of areas affected by city development.

Please feel also warmly invited to visit the local version of my studio as well! You can get in touch by clicking the button on the right (stuur een bericht).



Kathrin Wolkowicz studied at Kunstakademie Münster and University of Art Braunschweig and holds an MA Fine Art degree from the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam. A substantial part of her practice is working collectively, as founding member of Sils Projects (2010-2014), programmer for Suburban Video Lounge (2011-2014), part of Borgerstraat publication collective (2015-2019) and 004-collective (2015-ongoing). Kathrin lives and works in Rotterdam.

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