installation view


Bedscapes is an installation consisting of a video work and a printed piece of fabric. The video shows 3D renders of beds with wrinkled sheets, scattered personal objects and occasional stains and other material. They are shown as landscapes, the camera slowly floating over the sheets and bedding. In front the screen, on the floor, there is a piece of printed fabric, a cotton sheet that shows a life size render of a 3D model of sheets.
The project explores how personal space translates and mediates to the digital and how the digital in it’s turn translates back to a physical setting. How does intimacy translate to a digital world?
The 3D models of the personal beds are created with photos of the beds, using a method called photogrammetry. The printed model is created in a 3D program.
The project was created during a 10-day residency residency in Kyustendil, Bulgaria. The beds shown are the beds of the other residency participants.
A big thanks to all the participants of RESET 2021 and the team and mentors of Kontempora Art Residency.
mixed media
video en geprint textiel

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