Grazer Kunstverein is moving!


Together with the Grazer Kunstverein I’m conducting a feasibility study aimed at speculatively re-locating the institution. Throughout 2020 and 2021 we will host 17 temporary kunstvereins across Graz. Breaking open the traditional model of a Kunstverein grounded in one place the project looks to the future in thinking what could a Kunstverein be in a feasibility study that is both a question to its members and to Graz, and a position from which to take action.
The idea of moving presents us with an opportunity to rethink the role and function of a Kunstverein and the position of art in an urban environment. What do we do and for whom do we do it? A central Depot at the Grazer Kunstverein acts as an information point, incubation hub, gathering place and evolving documentation space for all related activities, providing a permanent working site and touchstone for a kaleidoscope of exploratory events across the city throughout the year. In the Depot a series of objects made by me will accumulate over the year. Each object is a reflection of one of the 17 feasibility study sites where we’ve invited an artist show.
17 pieces of furniture
mixed media

Stuur een bericht aan Edward Clydesdale Thomson

Van elk werk, dat via de Kunstambassade verkocht wordt, schenkt de kunstenaar 20% van het verkoopbedrag aan het Solidariteitsfonds dat wordt verdeeld onder de deelnemende kunstenaars.

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