(overview solo exhibition at museum SCHUNCK*, Heerlen (NL)

The exhibition 'NOW IS A DIFFERENT BACK THEN' functions as one large, temporary installation. Everything relates to everything else, even the space which visitors occupy between the works of art forms an integral part. Much can happen there: works can move, change shape and get closer, and visitors can likewise develop a relationship with them and make connections. Sometimes, you can forget they are mere photos: the works are almost sculptures, physical in essence, and have a forceful spatial presence.

Fragment out of the accompanying text for the exhibition, written by Florette Dijkstra.

Three works from the exhibition are part of the collection SCHUNCK*, Gemeente Heerlen’.

Possibilities for prints / framed work
To purchase one photograph or a selection from my photographic archive, please send me a message. I can send you a folder with a selection from which you can choose, and I'll do a proposal for the dimensions, framing, etc.

The edition per photograph is 10, unless mentioned otherwise.
2011 - ongoing

categorie: €1000 - €5000

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Van elk werk, dat via de Kunstambassade verkocht wordt, schenkt de kunstenaar 20% van het verkoopbedrag aan het Solidariteitsfonds dat wordt verdeeld onder de deelnemende kunstenaars.

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