All I Ever Wanted 2015

All I Ever Wanted

"Using herself as the model and leveraging all of the common tropes of the selfie, she has created a parade of self-portraits that consciously linger near the edges of personal pornography. She spreads her legs (repeatedly, in nylons, panties, and nude), shows off her breasts, bends over or squats in heels, sticks out her tongue, lets her hair flow, touches herself, and sucks on various glass knobs, all with a sultry come hither look – as a daring performance of exhibitionist codes and erotic fantasies, it’s spot on. Her adopted attitude is one of assertive audacity, often edging into overt defiance and confrontation, challenging the viewer to be shocked or aroused or both.

Photographically, Scheurwater has taken ideas from Carolee Schneemann and Francesca Woodman and amplified and adapted them for the casual digital age. She uses her own body like a posable model and employs mirrors to twist angles and distort figures, allowing the flash to erupt in distraction or obfuscation, often in gritty blur or contrasty dark." 2015
100 x 75 cm
edition of 3 (1 ap)
Hahnemühle fine art print
50 x 40 cm
edition of 3 (1 ap)
Hahnemühle fine art print
30 x 22,5cm
edition of 3
(1 ap) | Hahnemühle fine art print

€ 600,- / € 1250,- / € 2800,-

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