Breakaway Songs, exhibition Customs & Claims, TENT, Rotterdam

Breakaway Songs

Two hydrophones mechanically dive into tanks of bunkering ship’s motor oil to pick up the music diffused in them. “Breakaway Songs” refers to a contemporary US navy ritual. When a bunker ship has refueled a ship in open sea, the captain concludes the transfer by playing a pop song of his choice on the ship’s PA system. The songs echo the sentiments that go with life at sea in name of the nation, with an engine-like pulsating rhythm or melancholic lyrics full of longing for home – here filtered and distorted by the thick bunker oil and mechanical noise of the installation.
Sound installation (transparent tanks, bunkering ships' motor oil, hydrophones, mechanics, electronics, speakers)

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Van elk werk, dat via de Kunstambassade verkocht wordt, schenkt de kunstenaar 20% van het verkoopbedrag aan het Solidariteitsfonds dat wordt verdeeld onder de deelnemende kunstenaars.

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