Spheres of Heaven #01

Spheres of Heaven #01

Dante's Circle

'Spheres of Heaven’ are the heat-stained artifacts from the collaborative burning performance ‘Dante’s Circle’ by artist Nicky Assmann and sound artist Robert Pravda.

This kinetic and visceral performance in which continuously changing prismatic colours are created by burning copper panels with automated burners, consists of six panels which are positioned in a circular spatial setup and played as a live instrument. The sounds coming from the burners and heated plates are used as a source for the soundscape. This soundscape is further spatialised by means of a rotating loudspeaker setup which is placed at the center of the installation. The copper plates function as both the screens for the slowly appearing colourful visuals as well as the acoustic reflectors for the projected sounds coming from the circle.

As artifacts of each performance six uniquely prismatic scorched copper screens remain.
90 cm x 30 cm x 1 mm
heat stained copper panel

categorie: €1000 - €5000

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