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Stuur een bericht aan
Katharina D. Martin

Katharina D. Martin

For my objects and costumes I use materials which already hold meaning and possess unique qualities. For instance, wax, latex, or pvc (from inflatable sex dolls), are inherently profound as they resemble human skin. Without losing this significant dimension I design new, pleasing artefacts, which oscillate between content and form.

Assembling new compositions is necessarily preceded by the act of dissecting, dismantling, or melting down. My objects are handmade, unique pieces that reveal traces of a genuine engagement with the materials. It is here where I see the originality of my work: a personal style that combines the aesthetics of vulnerability and discomfort with formal qualities and ornamental beauty.



Katharina D. Martin, born in Germany, lives and works in Rotterdam since 2006. She studied art and media art at the AKI Academy of Fine Arts Enschede and the Academy of Fine Arts Münster. She was an artist-in-residence at The Watermill Center (Watermill, NY) and at ISCP New York.

Her work has been shown at Het Torentje Almelo (solo), Galerie IRIS CORNELIS Rotterdam (solo), MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art Rome, Torch gallery Amsterdam, RAM foundation Rotterdam and gallery JOEY RAMONE Rotterdam (solo).