(I'm thinking about) Construction Workers

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I’m thinking about construction workers as performers. I’m thinking about performers in disguise, functioning as construction workers.
I wonder what it would be like if the meetings weren’t about the process of construction, nor the building that will become, but about the process of rhythm, movement and timing. Individually and as a group.

There would be enough space in the meetings to talk about lost ambitions and dreams, fears about not being seen or not being talented enough.
The length of building the building would take as long as rehearsing and improving this site-specific play.

As always, a lot would go wrong in this final rehearsal that would last for months, and everything would be finished just right on time. An audience consisting of family and friends would give a big applause, proudly and without any objectivity. They would even burst into a standing ovation, an obvious recognition for all the hard work.

The days after would feel like a black hole, but in the end these would be the most valuable days for reflection and improvement for the next play in line.
2019 - 66 x 114 cm
window sticker with text and videostills on voile

Available as a framed work, with text on the glass and video stills on paper or textile.

€ 1.200,00

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