Shooting Back 2010

Shooting Back 2010

"Shooting Back is the name of this exhibition and of the remarkable book of photographs presented here today, wich was published by our mutual friend Walter Keller in Zurich. The publisher has written an epilogue to this book, in which he addresses a number of potential buyers. Admirers of beauty, lovers of fine art photography, art historians, psychologists, wankers, fashion victims, macho men, feminists, and fairy tale frogs that might like to be kissed by this very special princess who made the photographs. All of them be warned: don’t be tempted to jump to conclusions – the work of the artist is not what it might seem at first glance.

Keller raises a good point here. It’s no doubt true that Hester’s work can without any effort be embedded into a long historical tradition of the arts. References can be found in it to sixties and seventies feminist art, or to the performance and body art which followed, and before we know it we will be thinking of the omnipresent eroticism and porn on the internet. That, however, is NOT what it is AT ALL.
90 x 66 cm edition of 3 Hahnemühle fine art print

categorie: €1000 - €5000

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