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Stuur een bericht aan
Jake Kelly

Jake Kelly

I am fascinated by the simple act of making a line. The foundation of our shared human culture, from ancient cave paintings to 3D printing, can be traced fundamentally to lines. I call upon the significance and history of lines as the bedrock of my practice. My work manifests sculpturally through the use of humble materials such as string wood and concrete. The use of democratised materials is significant for me as a statement towards the accessibility of art for everyone in our society.



Kelly was initially trained as a painter in the UK, this quickly evolved into sculptural deconstruction of painting. What remained was the line, a network or a surface, which has since manifested itself into a series of large installations since late 2019. Kelly is represented by Chrysalid Gallery and recently participated in Rotterdam Art Week 2021 with an installation at STEUR kindly funded by stichting daad en droom, and also participated in BIGART 2020.

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Vivian Ammerlaan is a Rotterdam based artist, who works with digital and analogue photography, and occasionally​ with video and installations. Her work is her personal search to depict the sublime: the feeling of awe and terror. It is about everything that can’t be put into word or image because it is of enormous and undying beauty, and can therefore be extremely frightening. She gets inspired by overwhelming landscapes and nature, such as the effects of water and light.