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Stuur een bericht aan
Line Kramer

Line Kramer

My artistic practice is a constant negotiation between: criticism, value, labour, copy vs original, language and writing. To avoid the traditional artist/gallerist relation I value the production of idea’s instead of objects. Ideas appear in their raw form as models or written schemes. I like to think that my art practise isn't about the production of images, I see it as propositions exposing layers of desire, becoming tangible. In my personal research I incorporate concepts of intuition, I have a great interest in airflows and micro-drafts and I permanently research the colour red. I passionately read queer and black theory and aim to work according to the concepts of ‘inter-being’.



Before I went to Art School I was educated as a furniture maker. I still use my skills during my part-time job as ‘Lead Preparator & IT Supervisor’ at Kunstinstituut Melly in Rotterdam. My passion is to build and invent technical ‘things’, in my own practice but also during (pre)production.
The use of (my) technical skills has become a field of research. I research my own skills, the politics of skills, the gender of skills and the ‘art’ of skills. As an artist I aware of my skills even though, as a personal policy, I love to use the right tools for the wrong purposes. It makes me very aware of all my gestures and thoughts.