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Stuur een bericht aan
Line Kramer

Line Kramer

My artistic practice is a constant negotiation between: criticism, value, labour, copy vs original, language and writing. To avoid the traditional artist/gallerist relation I value the production of idea’s instead of objects. Ideas appear in their raw form as models or written schemes. I like to think that my art practise isn't about the production of images, I see it as propositions that expose layers of desire. In my personal research I incorporate concepts of intuition, I have a great interest in airflows and micro-drafts and I permanently research the colour red. I passionately read queer and black theory and aim to work according to the concepts of ‘inter-being’.



Before I went to Art School I was educated as a furniture maker. I still use those skills during my part-time job as ‘Lead Preparator & IT Supervisor’ at Kunstinstituut Melly in Rotterdam. My passion is to build and invent technical ‘things’, in my own practice but also during (pre)production or when working for other artists.
The use of different skills has become a field of research. I research my own skills, the politics of skills, the gender of skills and the ‘art’ of skills. As an artist I aware of my skills even though, as a personal policy, I love to use the right tools for the wrong purposes. It makes me very aware of all my gestures and thoughts.

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marjolijn kok

Het werk van marjolijn inspireert me telkens weer, je ziet de overwegingen van een interdisciplinaire denker. Theorie, kennis en een analytisch vermogen komen samen in haar collages. Ze zijn hier alleen maar door geladen. De collages zijn zichzelf en verbergen deze intrinsieke waardes met hun eigen poetische kracht. marjolijn is een hedendaagse archeoloog en kunstenaar en weet deze disciplines als geen ander toe te passen.