Silence IX

The process which precedes the realisation of Quinda’s work does not include extensive sketches. Rather ideas arise from thought. Ideas run parallel to new information which comes from many things like; documentaries, books, visiting landscapes and travelling to known as well as unknown places. Ideas and new information complement each other in an ongoing process. Quinda always has an idea in mind when starting on a new piece or series, but there is always room for change. Nothing is fixed and she loves to be surprised by the ever changing conditions of the material.

Sometimes a work can also be purely aesthetic. Then she decides on one element, like the size of a mirror, and then looks for a stone that seems to fit perfect together. Or the other way around. In this case it is all about how form and the choice of materials come together. What defines Quinda’s working practice is finding a balance between the method and what the work means or how it is seen. With a minimalist signature style she is able to say a lot with little interventions. Additionally, characteristic to her work, she is able to introduce new information to spectators within a certain comfort.
150 x 120 cm
rose color mirror and concrete mixture

€ 3500,-

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