Stuur een bericht aan Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof

Stuur een bericht aan
Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof

Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof

''By her approach Sarah creates a back and forth game, playing with the dialectic of art and the everyday. She shifts overlooked objects to the level of artistic observation, then in some cases reinserts them into our daily lives. Her work reflects on the passing of time by recording glossed over details and momentary occurrences, by freezing moments that otherwise would pass by unnoticed''.



Mijn naam is Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof (1993), ik ben beeldend kunstenaar. Mijn werk komt samen in de vorm van ruimtelijke installaties, waarbij de verschillende media waarmee ik werk (fotografie, video, geluid, tekst en objecten) elkaar aanvullen.

De keuze van Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof

Florian Braakman

With an open attitude and a sincere look, he makes contact with his surroundings and captures it with his camera.
I find it very beautiful how he is able to translate this openness -and fascination for the world- in his sincere yet powerful photographic works.