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Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof

Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof

Born and raised in Spain (1993) and having moved to The Netherlands (2012), I began exploring the differences and similarities between my two cultural backgrounds. Observing people’s behaviour and the, often overlooked, traces they leave behind in public space; served as an exercise for self-reflection and familiarisation. My work comes together in the form of spatial installations, where the different mediums I work with —photography, video, sound, text, sculpture and performance— complement each other. My practice revolves around themes such as: material culture, garbology, bicultural identity and belongingness.



My name is Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof (ES/NL) I am an interdisciplinary artist working and living in Rotterdam. Get in touch if you want to visit my studio, collaborate or to obtain more insightful information regarding my education, exhibitions and grants.

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With an open attitude and a sincere look, he makes contact with people and their surroundings. He is able to translate this openness -and fascination for the world- in his sincere yet powerful photographic works.