Anonymous Glossy

Geënsceneerde foto van een plasticine portret

ANONYMOUS GLOSSY  2017, book launch at TENT Rotterdam.
An artwork disguised as a luxury magazine. The diversity of Rotterdam has been fascinating me for years. I wanted to get to know my fellow citizens better. Therefore, for roughly one year, I set up my working table in public spaces in the city, such as cafes, libraries, barbershops and so on. I invited strangers to be portrayed on the spot in colourful plasticine. During the modelling sessions, people told me about themselves: their origins, life experiences, disappointments and dreams. In Anonymous Glossy I gathered the stories of my models with photos of their (plasticine) faces. By giving a ‘stage’ to unknown people, I temporarily transformed them into celebrities. Therefore, I see Anonymous Glossy as a ‘monument to anonymity’.
20 x 30 of 40 x 60cm
print verlijmd achter 3 mm perspex, op 3 mm dibond voorzien van U ophangprofiel
10 + 1 A/P

categorie: 0 - €1000

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