Untitled (on Glass)

Untitled is painted on glass and shows an immense depth due to the deep blue tones that are intensified by the glass.

The artwork is part of the series Containing Depth:

This is where all elements intersect: paint, glass, the sculptural, depth and shape. Geometrical shapes are painted in front of others, hover on a transparent surface or are pointed out by the form of a sculpture. Each shape forms the boundaries of a gradient, containing the endless.

A small note on the colour blue: We learn to view blue by staring at the sky and peering into water. Yet both elements amass colour due to their mass. A little bit of air is transparent, yet a lot of air slowly changes into blue. The colour blue arises at the sky because we view the faraway through air laden with drops of water, leading to what is called aerial perspective. The classical example being a blue mountain lying in the distance. However, we can never grasp this blue mountain, we can never reach it. We cannot grasp blue as it is a form of light, yet we perceive it because of an accumulation of matter. In my view, blue is not a colour but a sensation bordering on the material and immaterial.
50 cm x 120 cm
Olieverf op glas in een zwart aluminium lijst

€ 1950,-

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