Map of the Amusement Park of Abstract Art

The Waterslide of Abstract Art

In my work I have for long questioned notions of play and leisure as opposed to concepts of labor, work, and productivity. To explore the paradoxes and contradictions found in free time and the ones observed between the job of the artist and the lazy or unproductive individual, I've been tracking the developments in recreational activities and registering their relation to art movements, associating, for example, the invention of the first inflatable swimming pools with the Anthropometric performances by Yves Klein, roller skates with Abstract Expressionism, land art with paragliding, and so on. The images here are sketches of such correlations, which in turn serve as visual scripts for a new video work I'm developing.
2020-2021 (ongoing)
various sizes
digital collages, drawing, gauche and acrylic.

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