Os Banhistas ao Meio Dia / The Bathers at Mid-Day, Encaustic painting on paper, 168 x 237 cm, Priscila Fernandes 2018

Os banhistas (Bathers)

These works represent 2 hedonistic scenes: bathing in and around a swimming pool:

Os Banhistas à Meia Noite / The Bathers at Mid-Night
When then go inside the swimming pool, floating, jumping, cooling down.

Os Banhistas ao Meio Dia / The Bathers at Mid-Day
When they sun bade next to the swimming-pool.

The paintings are made with encaustic ( bees wax and pigments ) that are melted in the paper over a hot glass plate, making the painting fluid, liquid. It solidifies in seconds as I take it out of the hot plate. The figures in the water or on the border of the pool have no facial features, are made of thick wax or diluted outlines, fragmented body parts. Two large panels made from separate sheets of paper, with each representing bathers, jumps, splashes, the heat and reflection of the bodies into the water.
168 x 267 and 168 x 237 cm
encaustic painting on paper

categorie: €10.000 - €20.000

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