Encaustic on raw cotton, 200 x 150 cm, Priscila Fernandes 2018

Free. To do Whatever We

Free. To do whatever we is a series that wails to go on a razz. Priscila wants to break free. Free from the framework of society’s expectations and the constant need to be productive. In her series of works on show, she depicts the transitory process of breaking free. Every single work is indicative for a step towards such freedom. She starts at a bound and constrained structure, and moves along welcoming gestures that tell to take off your hat and let your hair down, towards an eventual culmination implying a total freedom of movement – beyond the restrictions of society, space and time: Free. To do whatever We... (Text excerpt from Vincent van Velsen)
200 x 150 cm
encaustic on raw cotton

categorie: €5000 - €10.000

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Van elk werk, dat via de Kunstambassade verkocht wordt, schenkt de kunstenaar 20% van het verkoopbedrag aan het Solidariteitsfonds dat wordt verdeeld onder de deelnemende kunstenaars.

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